32 Rustic Farmhouse Bed Ideas That Work Their Rustic Magic


Published: May 27, 2022
Updated: December 5, 2023

In many farmhouse bedrooms, the choice of bed frame is crucial to making a bold statement that sets the mood right off the bat. A rustic farmhouse bed is a great option for getting the vibe just right. The farmhouse aesthetic is typified by a casual and easygoing vibe that embraces traditional pieces. Go the extra mile by creating a welcoming, lived-in feel with rustic finishes that look slightly aged and distressed. 

A rustic bed frame in repurposed wood is a popular option for many homeowners. Look for ways to DIY your own headboard by putting together wooden planks or painting over your existing wood headboard with a weathered finish. To add a touch of modernity, consider metal bed frames in a vintage spindle design. Here are a few farmhouse beds that celebrate rustic and shabby chic in all its glory.

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