20 Black and White Living Room Ideas to Make a Striking Statement


Published: January 30, 2023
Updated: November 30, 2023

The chicest way to inject an instant update into your home is with one of these black-and-white living room ideas. Pare back on color schemes that are subject to changing trends, and invest in the monochrome moment that is both classic and timeless. It can be so easily done by accessorizing your living room with black cushions on a white couch, or maybe a stunning white vase of flowers on a black coffee table.

One genius way of tapping into this trend is by painting the inside of a white shelving unit black. Your books and ornaments will stand out vividly against the dark background. If you’re still not sure about living your life in black and white, you can always add natural textures like wood or rattan to create a harmonious balance. Try it yourself, and see how effective it can be.

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