27 Guest Bathroom Décor Ideas for Various Design Styles


Published: April 21, 2023
Updated: November 25, 2023

The fun part of any design project is picking out and adding the décor that adds a final touch to the space.

If you need some ideas for smaller décor pieces to finish off your guest bathroom space, we have curated a brilliant collection of design images below to help get you started and inspire you with some ideas on what items to include. These can be anything from indoor plants for an organic feel, woven baskets for aesthetic linen storage options, warm ambient lighting from candles, lanterns, or unique vanity lights, and linens like shower curtains, bath towels, and rugs. The décor you use can also extend into the materials used to construct the space. As an example, for a bold look, you’ll notice some of the designs below include a distinct tile layout for the flooring or showers. Or they’ll incorporate a bit of style into their vanities by distressing the finish or adding different hardware for a modern or antique look. Feel free to add whatever finishes you like best.

Check out the beautiful guest bath décor ideas in the images here and start taking note of items that match your style and desired look for your bathroom.

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