39 Woven Tree Collar Ideas for the Modern Christmas Tree

Written by 

Zakhar (aka Zee)
December 15, 2022

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If you’re tired of seeing Christmas trees with an old-fashioned tree skirt wrapped around the stand, you should consider putting an exquisite woven tree collar around the stand instead.

Both the tree skirt and the wicker tree collar cover up the ugly Christmas tree stand to help create a beautiful and festive tree in your living room. The difference is that a tree skirt will wrap around the tree and flow onto the floor, giving you a place to put presents. The rattan tree collar wraps tightly around the stand giving the tree a stylish and modern look.

A wicker tree collar looks fantastic on any flooring you have, whether it’s a light wood, a grey carpet, or a stunning dark wood floor. So take a few minutes to look over this beautiful collection of woven tree collar ideas to see what a difference a tree collar makes to the modern Christmas tree.

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