30 Shiplap Half Wall Ideas That Are Sure to Impress


Published: September 22, 2022
Updated: February 25, 2023

30 Shiplap Half Wall Ideas That Are Sure to Impress

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September 22, 2022
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A shiplap half wall can change an ordinary room into something extraordinary. The versatility of this style is unmatched, and with a half wall you are free to create a personalized look with countless possibilities. No matter which room you are looking to enhance, a half shiplap wall will certainly be of service.

If you desire a farmhouse touch in your space, then horizontal white shiplap is the automatic go to. But that doesn’t mean the potential ends there, carefully selected wallpaper paired with a half shiplap wall can create a sensational modern look. Don’t forget to experiment with color! Colors and tones are everything when it comes to home décor, that remains true when discussing shiplap. A half wall painted in a new dazzling color can take your space to the next level. More examples await you below, scroll down and enter the stunning world of shiplap half walls.

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