25 Green Wall Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home


Published: February 24, 2023
Updated: November 28, 2023

A green wall is a perfect way to spruce up your home without having to have a background in interior design and without having to change the entire room. Trendy and stylish, green walls are being seen all throughout homes from the bathroom, dining room, and kitchen, to bedrooms of all sizes. Whether dark green or light green, its easy versatility is the reason why green is the newest trend for interior design. The green tones can make the room more elegant and chic or it can give off a country southern charm.

Green paint works wonderfully on shiplap and paneled walls since it adds dimension and texture, and provides more contrast. Golden colors and brass enhance the green wall, and adding houseplants of some kind will give a warm impression against the dark wall. If you’re going for elegance, green walls in rooms where a lot of natural light and paintings works the best. Once you see this collection, you’re going to be ready to paint a wall in your home green too!

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