24 Green Throw Pillows to Accent Your Home


Published: November 28, 2022
Updated: December 1, 2023

With their inviting and nature-inspired tones, green throw pillows add a welcoming accent to your home. Whether to decorate a living room sofa or to finish off your bed, green decorative pillows will instantly transform your space. When it comes to throw pillows, the shade, texture, and pattern make all the difference. For example, velvet green throw pillows give rooms a regal touch, mint green throw pillows offer a brighter mood, while green plaid throw pillows add warm and rustic character.

Pairing your green accent pillows with cushions in other colors is way to express your personality. Whether you decide on a room with blue and green throw pillows for a cool and comforting look, or pink and green throw pillows for a more youthful vibe, the possibilities are endless. Keep reading to see a list of the most stylish ways to use green pillows.

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