36 Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting Ideas to Accessorize Your Space


Published: August 13, 2022
Updated: December 4, 2023

The sky is the limit! Or more realistically, the ceiling is the limit when deciding on your new kitchen island pendant lighting. With all the options available you will be sure to find enough lighting to lust over for years to come. The importance of these pieces will become evident once you are sitting at your perfectly illuminated island. Pendant lighting can add so much to your kitchen, they can be a beautiful accent piece or a stunning accessory you have planned your whole kitchen décor around.

Shaded, farmhouse, lantern, glass; these are just a few of your options in an endless sea of lighting and for each style there are countless colors and designs, all with the potential to make your kitchen unforgettable. Try mixing and matching different colors or even different styles and lengths. When in doubt, a classic pendant always does the trick. Look below for some incredible examples just waiting to illuminate your imagination!

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