35 Wood Hood Vent Cover Ideas for an Inviting Kitchen


Published: December 5, 2022
Updated: December 1, 2023

With over 400 hours being spent in the kitchen by us each year, simple additions can help make this space welcoming and cozy. Wood hood vent covers are an attractive feature in the kitchen that serve a functional purpose whilst being a classic look to complement a range of interior tastes.

A hood vent cover can often be ignored when it comes to decorating in the kitchen, but adding some style to this feature with a wooden twist will provide some interest for the eye when it comes to all of the straight lines that dominate with cabinets and countertops. If you find cooking a chore, the rustic charm of a wooden hood will entice you to whip up some culinary creations each day.

For an inviting addition to the heart of the home, take a look at our collection of wood hood vent cover ideas and see for yourself why this style is so popular.

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