33 Rain Shower Heads To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa


Published: November 2, 2022
Updated: November 2, 2022

33 Rain Shower Heads To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Written by 

Zakhar Ivanisov
November 2, 2022

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For a gentle and luxurious showering experience, look no further than a rain shower. Although rain shower heads do not come with as much water pressure as a standard shower head, they are ideal for allowing water to flow consistently all over the body. Rain showers offer a lighter touch that is like standing under a relaxing waterfall with soft and delicate spray patterns.

Unlike the cylindrical or cone shape of a traditional shower head, a rain shower from ceiling will often come in a modern, streamlined design with an elegant wide and flat head. Some removable rain heads are attached to a sleek shower wall bar, while many shower rain kits will be paired with additional accessories like hand showers for targeted cleaning. Check out the following rain shower ideas to bring the feeling of a spa into your own bathroom.

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