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Meet Samantha, a mother, freelance writer, and Family and Consumer Sciences Educator. Associated with this curriculum is a certification in interior design that initially sparked her love for curating beautiful spaces. Samantha has contributed over a hundred articles to Soul & Lane on home decor and interior design.

Background and Design Philosophy

As a child, she grew up in a military family, exposing her to many architectural home styles. This taught her that every kind of room can be beautiful, large or small, with a vision and the right decor. Samantha’s style can be described as a little glam and a little vintage, but recently she has been leaning into more of the maximalist style with eclectic and transitional influences. She loves finding polished antiques that can be blended with modern sparkly elements and has an affinity for anything gold or brass. She believes homes should be vibrant, and the inclusion of deeper color tones is the most invigorating aspect of decorating. She especially loves brown, olive green, any shade of pink, mustard yellow, maroon, and blue.

Samantha understands that not everyone has the opportunity to live in a newly built single-family home, but she is committed to helping others embrace the properties in which they reside. Whether it be learning how to work with an outdated kitchen, or finding ways to elevate an old bathroom, she believes that age is what brings character and nostalgia into our homes, and a full-blown renovation isn’t always feasible or necessary with carefully chosen decorations, furniture, and color palettes. A few years spent working with a painting company in her 20s taught her the impact paint and color can have on the appearance of a home, and her time spent writing for Soul and Lane has fully unleashed her passion for interior design.

In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano, reading, baking, exercising, and spending time with her family. She loves to travel and hopes to explore the world with her husband and little ones someday.



Samantha is based in Virginia.

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