27 Sleek Modern Farmhouse Dining Rooms for Any Occasion

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July 15, 2023
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A true characteristic of modern farmhouse dining rooms is their sleek use of neutrals and furniture with smooth finishes. Where once rustic décor thrived, current farmhouse-themed spaces are transitioning away from chipped paint and vintage finds to furniture with bold wood tones and classic fabrics.

Amid the details in these photographs are farmhouse-inspired light fixtures like lanterns and chandeliers with glossy and seamless edges. Mid-century low-back chairs and Sputnik lights are creeping their way into this theme beside woven baskets, fringe rugs, and floral vases. This is a form of design that has never been seen before in modern history, but the eat-in kitchens and formal dining rooms on display are functional, simplistic, and easy on the eyes. As you peek through the designer’s creations, pay special attention to how vintage and antique décor has inspired this contemporary scope of interior design, and let your dining room update begin!

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