28 Contemporary Dining Room Ideas To Elevate Your Style


Published: July 3, 2023
Updated: November 22, 2023

Contemporary style is similar to modern style in that it emphasizes clean lines, a foundation of neutral tones with pops of color, and an overall minimalist approach. You’ll see that in many of the dining room samples below that most of them utilize a very simple centerpiece arrangement of either flowers, serving bowls, candles, or some combination of the three. The spaces are not cluttered or over-designed, simplicity is the key in this design category. This actually makes it easier to include a few other design styles within the dining area as well. For example, many farmhouse décor pieces or cottage-inspired styles can mix well with a contemporary look so long as you stick to the “less is more” approach and try to go for neutral colors and organic materials.

Trying to figure out if the contemporary style is for you? Check out our curated samples of contemporary dining room designs below to get some inspiration. For a glimpse of what a real contemporary dining space looks like in real time check out the designs below and take note of any pieces or layouts that resonate with you and your personal style.

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