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29 Fresh Ideas for Pro-Style Living Room Table Décor


Published: January 24, 2023
Updated: November 30, 2023

Whether your living room has a coffee table, console table, or end table, you can make it more than just a place to rest a drink, or worse, draw clutter, by planning its décor as thoughtfully as the rest of the room.

Well-designed living room table décor is balanced. A lot of small items grouped together will look cluttered and messy. Too many large items will overwhelm your table. Try to find the right mix of smaller and larger pieces to suit both the table and the rest of the room.

Consider the composition of your arrangement as well by checking the levels of your items. Everything laying flat on the table, or standing at the same height, looks boring. Instead, use books to vary the height of your tableau in order to keep the look fresh and interesting. Try out multiple small groupings or asymmetrical gatherings using objects like trays, baskets, or bowls to help group items and make them look like they belong together.

Let’s take a look at some fresh and creative ideas for living room table decor that will make your space look like it was styled by a pro.

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