35 Picture Ledge Ideas to Put Your Wall in Focus


Published: January 24, 2023
Updated: November 30, 2023

Your home’s walls are big, blank spaces. That can be boring, maybe even intimidating, or–an invitation to showcase your creative side! One fun and trendy way to use all that wall area is to try out picture ledges. These narrow, grooved shelves are designed to hold pictures that lean against the wall behind them. This makes it easy to switch out and rearrange the photographs you’re displaying.

You’re not limited to photos either. You can display paintings, art prints, signs, chalkboards, and even three-dimensional art like ceramics. Personalize a family photo collection with vacation mementos, or add a piece of the natural world to a row of landscapes.

Picture ledges can be short or long, and used alone or in groups for more impact. A wider picture ledge can be referred to as a picture shelf, and gives you even more flexibility for adding decor items. Let’s explore the fun and creative picture ledge ideas that will make your focal wall an attention-grabber!

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