25 Bold Living Room Lighting Ideas for a Unique Style

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June 21, 2023
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A bold living room lighting feature may be the finishing touch that you need to complete your living area. Supplemental lighting is also a great way to create a welcoming and cozy space perfect for entertaining.

A few styles that you might consider using are vintage, modern, industrial, and glamorous. For a vintage light fixture, you can use pieces like a candelabra chandelier, a Sputnik light, or any form of antique pendant light. Modern light fixtures are going to be more neutral in regard to the lines and colors. Something simple like a black ceiling fan light fixture, or a modular cage light would be perfect for a modern living area. For an industrial vibe look for lighting with black iron accents, steampunk features, and dark patina finishes. A glamorous feminine living room would coordinate nicely with a chandelier containing beautiful crystal pendants, beading, and lighter colors. Each of these styles is a great choice, and there are many more options available to customize the look of your space.

To get some more living room lighting ideas, we can look at the curated design samples included below. Each one shows a great example of various lighting features and techniques in different living room layouts.

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