34 Living Room Chandeliers to Illuminate Your Life


Published: December 26, 2022
Updated: December 1, 2023

Do you think that chandeliers are fussy, crystal affairs meant only for the dining room? Then move the china over, because there are chandeliers to fit any room and any style! Living room chandeliers are the bright and sparkly centerpiece that your space needs.

Wagon wheel chandeliers, in black or brown, are trending in modern and neutral spaces where a bold look is appreciated. For a more classic look, there is a wide range of candle-style chandeliers, with either real wax candles for that cozy ambiance, or faux candles lit by a bulb for convenience.

In more eclectic living rooms, a wooden bead chandelier or even a unique sculptural style could be just the funky finishing touch that pulls the space together. For ultra-modern or bohemian spaces, consider a bold sputnik chandelier, with lights poking out at sharp angles. If you need inspiration, let’s take a look at some fantastic ways you can use living room chandeliers to light up your space!

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