26 Island for Small Kitchen Ideas to Add Style to Your Kitchen


Published: April 16, 2023
Updated: November 21, 2023

Explore this gorgeous collection of islands for small kitchen ideas and understand how to add both style and storage to your kitchen. Whether you add a rail to the side of your island to hang dish towels or chopping boards or upcycle a chest of drawers so that you can store crockery, a kitchen island is nothing but a fantastic addition to your home.

A small kitchen needs to possess items that multitask, so consider adding a wooden countertop to your island so that you can utilize it as a chopping and food preparation space. You can also tuck stools under the island counter and you have a space to eat and cozy up in the hub of the home. Blend it in with your current kitchen style, accessorize modern cabinets with a vintage wooden island, or a snug wooden kitchen with a sleek island.

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