25 Aromatic Home Coffee Bars That Will Brew You Away


Published: November 21, 2023
Updated: November 21, 2023

Get rid of expensive and time-consuming Starbucks runs in the morning with your own personalized home coffee bar. We have carefully curated designs that will help you find the right aesthetic and create a caffeine-dedicated section that boasts excellent functionality and enhances your interior, while still giving you that morning jolt.

A popular approach is incorporating traditional farmhouse elements, such as rich oak shelves to pair with neutral backgrounds to create a cozy and calming look. Layer with your favorite coffee mugs and neutral décor to contrast the darker tones of the wood. The versatile nature of a farmhouse aesthetic allows you to use an assortment of light tones such as beige, pastel blue, and white. You could also integrate depth and texture with shiplap walls, subway tiles, and exposed brick features.

Make your mornings all the more enjoyable with your home cafe courtesy of these beautiful designs.

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