28 Glass Shower Enclosures to Show Off Your Standout Finishes


Published: March 21, 2022
Updated: March 8, 2024

Glass showers are quickly becoming the easiest way of updating a bathroom. Glass shower enclosures have a clean and minimalist design that instantly makes smaller bathrooms feel more spacious—and larger bathrooms feel even more grand. As an added bonus, they also ensure beautifully tiled showers have a chance to shine and are not hidden behind shower curtains. 

Depending on how seamless of a look you want, choose from framed or frameless shower enclosures (a black gridded glass shower enclosure is a particularly popular style for modern farmhouse bathrooms), and determine what type of glass enclosure will suit your shower the best (for example, sliding glass doors, pivot doors or simply a glass partition for a walk-in shower). For inspiration, keep reading to see some bathrooms that have been updated with modern glass shower enclosures.

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