36 Beautifully Styled Farmhouse Kitchen Counter Décor

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February 4, 2023
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The first verb usually ascribed to farmhouse or countertops is functionality. Fortunately, there’s room for more than one truth when considering your farmhouse kitchen counter décor. Yes, both aesthetics and function can co-exist! Though your trusty coffee maker and spice rack are forerunners for prized real estate, an arranged centerpiece or unique vase can breathe life into your farmhouse counter décor.

Experimenting with color palettes like pastels or dramatic grays and surface materials like Calacatta marble or intentionally pairing elements of your cabinets with your counter works wonders. When styling those solid surfaces, you’ll find that it does not take much, and there is something for everyone. We have curated a few bookmark-worthy ideas so keep reading for inspiration to style your cooking space.

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