35 Farmhouse Girl Bedroom Ideas Your Daughter Will Love


Published: June 12, 2022
Updated: May 10, 2023

35 Farmhouse Girl Bedroom Ideas Your Daughter Will Love

Written by 

Zakhar Ivanisov
June 12, 2022

A farmhouse girl bedroom is generally designed to be cozy yet bursting with personality. From eye-catching canopy beds to unique wallpaper and bedding, there are countless ways to give your girl’s bedroom a tailored-made feeling. For little girls, soft textures and uplifting colors will turn any bedroom into a dreamy escape once the sun goes down. 

For a farmhouse teenage girl bedroom, look for ways to add maturity while still maintaining the bedroom’s playful spirit. Keep the fun wallpaper and bright colors but give the room a makeover by upgrading your teenage daughter to a larger bed, more understated bedding, or classier furniture. No matter how old your daughter is, take a look through these farmhouse girl bedroom ideas to find out how you can transform your girl’s bedroom into a place your daughters will call home.

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