19 Nifty Built-in Desk Ideas To Make the Most of a Small Space

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January 27, 2023
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Built-in desks allow you to make the most of a space while keeping your setup compact. Instead of sitting at a desk in the middle of a room as a freestanding piece of furniture, you can create a modern design by attaching the desk and shelving units directly to the wall. These cozy spaces are the perfect setup for a home office or study space for all family members.

Modern desks can be built into walls in kitchens, offices, and even bedrooms. Shelving units can also be added to the desks to provide plenty of storage options and the perfect way to display your favorite shelf accents, framed images, and greenery. If you’re looking to create a built-in desk for your home, you’re sure to be inspired by this collection we’ve gathered here!

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