15 Striking Board and Batten Bathrooms That Look Chic and Timeless


Published: January 16, 2022
Updated: October 30, 2023

Dating back several centuries, wainscoting was popular largely due to its charming appeal. That charming appeal is why board and batten bathrooms are currently making a comeback.

This stunning paneling treatment has a three-dimensional appearance which is attractive and high-end. It also carries an informal and welcoming, yet comfortable feel to it. This paneling treatment can seamlessly fit into any décor style. Besides the obvious aesthetic benefits, board and batten bathrooms protect your walls from markings and add an extra layer of insulation to the space, as well as hide existing imperfections.

Although designers favor white board and batten bathrooms, why not paint yours a different color? Cool blue, minty green, or bold black are great options. Then paint the remaining walls a contrasting hue for a dramatic effect, or echo the same shade to keep the paneling subtle. What if you prefer a unique look? Then select a patterned wallpaper or striking tiles.

These 15 board and batten bathrooms will bring texture and depth to an otherwise plain space.

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