29 Cool and Collected Gray Bedroom Ideas


Published: July 16, 2023
Updated: November 22, 2023

If you’re ruminating on whether or not to incorporate more gray tones in your décor, look no further than the numerous cool and collected gray bedroom ideas that line this page of pristine interior photographs.

Gray is a color like no other because of how versatile it is. Light gray is so incredibly different than dark gray in appearance and mood. In our modern design environment, it is being used religiously beside beige and cream undertones for a timeless light and bright neutral look. It is also being used in a darker scope along with teal, blue, and purple for an equally inviting yet moody aesthetic. You’ll see it incorporated numerous times in fabric wingback headboards or plush linen comforters and knit throws. Because mismatched bedroom furniture is so prevalent, pairing a fabric headboard with stained wood or white nightstands is an obvious choice and another great way to integrate items with gray undertones. Area rugs can follow a similar pattern against lux hardwood floors.

We hope that the carefully curated interiors here inspire your next room update, but this time with a crisp gray palette in tow.

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