21 Ideas for Styling a Bed Between Two Windows


Published: December 12, 2023
Updated: December 12, 2023

In a perfect world, homes would come equipped with one wall in the bedroom that is completely free of doors and walls, but occasionally, it’s necessary to style a bed between two windows. Potentially difficult because of window molding but often quite warm and inviting, this styling trend can be one filled with beauty and ambiance. Whether you prefer blinds or curtains, there are numerous ways to create a space that is comfortable and allows for peaceful mornings and rest-filled nights.

A few of the ideas you’ll observe within this selection of photographs are walls adorned with curtains and ornate trim, monochromatic selections, windows sans curtains, and walls with windows of various shapes and sizes. These designs are made to inspire and provide you with useful feedback on how to achieve a similar look in your home. Windows add so much character to a space, and so it is fitting that they would only make your living situation more magnificent.

Check out our gallery below to see how to make the most of your bedroom windows!

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