34 Wreaths on Windows to Get You Decorating Today


Published: February 9, 2023
Updated: November 21, 2023

Wreaths on windows are a classic and beautiful way to decorate your home. Whether the wreath is framed by shutters, blinds, or allowed to show through the window, a wreath can bring a little taste of nature into your space.

Evergreen wreaths, like the kind we associate with Christmas, can be found in many different styles, including both fresh and artificial. They might be accented by pine cones, dusted with “snow”, and perhaps even illuminated.

Other wreaths may include botanical wreaths, which might be fresh and lively, or dried and herby. They can suit spring holidays, a kitchen space, or a harvest theme.

Nothing goes with a wreath quite like a ribbon, and suitable ribbons can be an important decorating choice for your wreaths on windows. Different lengths of ribbons can vary the levels that your wreaths hang at to create an interesting arrangement. Bows can accessorize your wreath, or be used to hide hanging hardware and lighting wires.

Here is a gathering of wreaths on windows to inspire your creativity and jump-start your decorating!

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