25 Beautiful and Functional Vanity Ideas for Any Space


Published: October 10, 2023
Updated: November 22, 2023

When you think of vanity ideas, you probably drift into a world where bathroom vanities are the prime accessory. In this case, you’re missing countless opportunities to maximize your home’s potential. Vanities can be used anywhere from bedrooms to walk-in closets, anywhere you may want an extra space to get ready for the day.

These glamorous features aren’t just for old-school Hollywood movies. Treat yourself to a proper place to get ready for the day by selecting a dressing table that fits perfectly into the corner of your bedroom. Switch out regular seating and replace it with a comfortable stool or chair that suits your new vanity. Walk-in closets or separate areas in a bathroom are places where a well-lit vanity can be a life-changing feature.

Look through our vanity ideas below to create a glamorous space of your own!

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