20 Tray Ceiling Ideas That Take Any Room To New Heights

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March 25, 2023
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It’s easy to overlook your ceiling when redecorating or remodeling a room, but a ceiling is something that can be the main focus of a room and tie together your desired look or style. Tray ceilings are particularly eye-catching because they are unique and add depth and texture to the home.

Tray styles can be accented with colored trim, stained wood, shiplap, and even tiles. Pendant lights, fans, and chandeliers look great when hanging from the center of tray ceilings. If you have a small room that needs a little something extra, a tray ceiling can add a subtle touch of style. If you have a large room and need something simple, but noticeable, a tray ceiling can steal the show. When you need some inspiration for your home, check out this collection of tray ceiling ideas.

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