30 Creative Thanksgiving Table Décor Ideas To Try This Year

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August 21, 2023
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One of the most fun parts of Thanksgiving, besides eating all of the food, is designing and creating an Instagram-worthy table setting to wow your loved ones with. Here we will discuss a few creative Thanksgiving table décor ideas to make you the host of the year.
Thanksgiving and Fall are all about warmth, color, and the incorporation and appreciation of natural elements. So to get you started on a creative centerpiece we’d suggest finding some traditional fall foliage pieces. These can be sprays you find at a local craft store placed within a glamorous vase. Or you can go natural and assemble branches or flower arrangements of your own using plants and materials from your yard. Candles and lighting are a great way to add cozy and mood-setting lighting to your dining space too. Get creative with your candle holders to make this feature more interesting. Using old wood rounds as tealight candle holders is a fantastic way to use natural materials and add a rustic look to your tablescape. Metallic or modern black candle holders are another great option too.
Then, of course, there are the pumpkins. We have seen folks paint these white, neutral tones, or even craft them out of burlap or woven materials. However you decide to fashion them, these are a staple for every Thanksgiving dining table.
There are far more ideas to consider here, hopefully, these will help to get you started. Feel free to check out the design samples below for more specific ideas, too!

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