20 Examples of Tall Wall Décor That Will Excite You

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December 24, 2022
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It can feel overwhelming to be presented with a two-story wall to decorate, but tall wall décor is an opportunity to create a stunning statement in your home. Whether you decorate the wall with a piece of art or turn it into a fireplace area, the wall can become a unique feature. A popular style for tall walls in homes is to use exposed brick to make it stand out against other, plainer walls. If your tall wall isn’t already exposed-brick, an idea could be to attach stone or brick-like tiles to the wall to give it a similar effect.

Other ways in which you may decorate this space is with a gallery wall of carefully curated framed prints, or perhaps using greenery or flowers to add a natural feel. Or add pops of bright colors to make a statement! You can explore other ways of decorating tall walls in your home by scrolling on to our collection below.

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