20 Creative Small Room Décor Ideas That Maximize Style


Published: August 28, 2023
Updated: November 22, 2023

Small spaces can be particularly difficult to decorate. They can be easily overdone and cluttered if you don’t have a defined plan before you start. Avoid this frustration by stealing some tips and tricks from the small room décor ideas we have curated below.

Start by making sure you have a solid foundation. Use furniture that matches your intended style to get things going in the right direction. If you want a vintage room, for instance, use a dresser and bedframe that reflect that style.

Same for a boho or farmhouse look. Choose furniture that is colored, treated, and constructed in a way that resembles the characteristics of those styles. This way, when you walk into the space you and your guests will immediately see the style you’re trying to achieve. Afterward, you simply begin to fill in with pieces like lighting, foliage, storage baskets, wall hangings, rugs, accent walls, and more. Accent walls are a fantastic way to get a big effect with a small space because they use vertical space to make an impact. The same applies to anything wall-mounted for a small room. The more you can keep off of the floor or along surfaces, the less cluttered your space will appear.

Check out a few of these specific design examples for small room décor below to continue gathering inspiration for your project.

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