24 Simple Shiplap Living Rooms We Can’t Get Enough Of


Published: January 1, 2024
Updated: December 12, 2023

Using shiplap as part of interior design came blazing back to our attention ten years ago, and it shows no signs of going away. This classic design is reminiscent of farmhouse and country living with its soft textures and subtle layers, making it the perfect choice to add a bit of depth and interest to any room in your home. And where better to enjoy it than in a shiplap living room where it can be seen and appreciated by everyone?

We know, however, that the traditional shiplap look isn’t for everyone. If that’s you, go for a more modern design by installing the paneling vertically. This approach has the added advantage of drawing the eye upwards, making ceilings appear higher and rooms more spacious. Try it out on an accent wall and see how it creates a wonderful, subtle focal point, especially when you paint it the same color as the surrounding walls.

Shiplap is here to stay, so get inspired by browsing through our gallery of the best living room designs we could find!

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