25 Genius Designs for a Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom

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August 24, 2023
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A rustic farmhouse bathroom is a great place to explore different techniques. The goal is to consider the intended aesthetic while incorporating enough modern décor to create a stylish and timeless look. Blending these two ideas may take a little work, but the outcome is always worth it.
The size of the room will dictate which direction your can take your décor. Large bathrooms are a playground for ideas and can include items like freestanding bathtubs, full-length mirrors, or even a vintage vanity. Smaller rooms must rely on the rustic infusion of wall décor. This could be a great space to try out those shiplap walls and weathered picture frames. In either space, flooring is vital. Try not to get too excited when choosing the flooring and stick to something that accentuates the theme instead of leaning too far into modern décor. Use our rustic farmhouse bathroom ideas below to find the idea that fits your bathroom!

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