28 Easy Small Bathroom Décor Ideas That Pack a Punch


Published: May 10, 2023
Updated: November 25, 2023

If you are in need of small bathroom décor ideas, we have the perfect set of design examples here for you. Read on and check out our tips on how to approach your décor, and then check out the gallery for some more inspiration.

Let’s go over a few quick tips on how to decorate a small bathroom. Usually, with a small space, it’s best to keep things simple. By taking a “less is more” approach, you’ll eliminate the possibility of cluttering an already small space, and the pieces you do use will stand out that much more because of it. The color palette you go with is just as important. There are certainly ways to make a moody dark color work, especially for modern styles, but for the most part, the brighter the colors are the more open and welcoming a space is going to feel. Which you might want if you’re limited on space. Finally, go vertical and use the space along the walls to display statement pieces like accent wallpaper, shelving, and art.

Now that you have a few basic starting tips, take a moment to browse through the designs below and take note of any specific décor items that catch your eye.

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