15 Outdoor Pergola Ideas for Your Backyard


Published: March 19, 2023
Updated: November 26, 2023

An outdoor pergola is a great way to add style to your backyard patio or deck. Pergolas are an outdoor structure made up of columns that support a roof of beams and rafters. They are commonly made from stained or painted wood and can be paired with screens, curtains, or a canopy for added privacy and shade from the sun.

A pergola is an ideal spot for setting up a cozy arrangement of hanging egg chairs, patio swings, or patio furniture made of wood, wicker, or metal. Hanging multiple string lights across the roof also creates the perfect mood for nighttime conversations. Lastly, an assortment of plants is the finishing touch to transform your backyard into a beautiful place to gather.

Keep reading to see some pergola ideas that will help you extend your living space outdoors.

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