16 Patio with Firepit Ideas for Year-Round Relaxation

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March 12, 2023
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Patios with firepits are a wonderful idea to create a space that is enjoyable throughout the year, from chilly spring nights to brusque autumn evenings.

Patio firepits come in a range of materials and shapes to suit your space. Common examples include building a round firepit out of stones, pavers, or boulders for a rugged look. Keep in mind that this type of firepit won’t be mobile. If you’re looking for a mobile choice, consider a natural concrete firepit, a circular black iron bowl, or a rectangular fire pit, for a modern option.

Mobility should also be a consideration for seating around your firepit. Moveable patio furniture enables guests to adjust to both the warmth and the movement of smoke for added comfort. Jazz up your patio area with colorful rugs, patterned pillows and throws, and string lights around the perimeter. Just remember to be fire safe!

Keep reading for ideas on how to style a patio firepit you’ll want to enjoy year-round!

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