22 Ideas for a Living Room With a Coffee Table and an Ottoman


Published: February 16, 2024
Updated: December 27, 2023

Designing a living room with a coffee table and an ottoman can be a fun experiment with style and color. Ottomans come in different sizes, making them easily incorporated into any space or aesthetic. Combining these elements will leave you with an exceptional design that is open to reorganization at any time.

Every living room needs a few fancy features to give it a unique personality. Use a pair of smaller ottomans as seating around a large coffee table or to place across from a sofa. Cube ottomans are notoriously fabulous and quirky, depending on the chosen color. Use an ottoman in a funky color as an accent piece for a neutral or eclectic living room. Have fun with shapes, and use the incredible duo of a coffee table and an ottoman to spice up your living room design.

Our gallery below is filled with ideas to stimulate your imagination!

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