29 Easy Kitchen Counter Décor for a Cozy Kitchen

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July 8, 2023
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Looking for some inspiration on kitchen counter décor to freshen up the vibes in your prep space? We have done part of the work for you and put together wonderful design samples to get your creativity kickstarted.

If your kitchen counters are barren, then we’d suggest starting with some simple additions that are practical and stylish. For instance, you can pick out utensils that are worthy of displaying along the prep space of your counter, and place them in a cute canister or vase. This is an easy way to add a cozy “lived-in” look to your kitchen and makes grabbing your favorite tools easy and organized. Try out some rustic wooden utensils for a classic farmhouse vibe. Another quick way to bring color and texture is with flower arrangements and serving trays or bowls. Many times you will see a large serving tray or charcuterie board used as a stand for a large vase with a dense flower arrangement showcased as a kitchen island centerpiece. You can easily adjust your foliage to follow the seasons too. Warm bronze-toned foliage for fall, and bright green and pink or white foliage for spring and summer for instance.

There are truly endless ways to go about kitchen counter décor, so without further ado let’s dive into a few real design examples that are easy to replicate and tweak to your own taste.

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