Splurge or Save? The Verdict on Slab Backsplashes from Design Experts


Published: January 15, 2024
Updated: January 2, 2024

We’re seeing it everywhere in kitchen renovations- the marvelously popular and coveted slab backsplash that is dominating the most luxurious and desired kitchens. This expensive and trendy design feature is available in various materials like slate, quartz, and marble.

In inquiring of our dedicated readers and interior designers, the response was one of astounding approval. According to our community of design aficionados, if you can make it happen, it’s worth the cost. Home enthusiasts absolutely love the look and appreciate all of its benefits in most kitchens, including avoiding the dreaded chore of cleaning grout.

Our contributors have politely shared their expertise on the subject and their tips and tricks for making slab backsplash a feasible option in your home. In addition, read the comments from our dedicated and knowledgeable founder on the subject. This is not a trend you’ll want to miss, as it can instantly elevate your kitchen space and provide you with a look that you and your friends and family will love for years.

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