30 Brilliant Hall Decorating Ideas To Personalize Your Home


Published: August 6, 2023
Updated: November 22, 2023

Hallways deserve just as much effort as the rooms they connect to, and with some hall decorating ideas, you can design a space that is more than just a shuttle between rooms. Hallways are a chance to turn those shared spaces into a gallery of personality and create a cohesive interior design across your home.

Gallery walls are a glorious way to let everyone know whose house they have entered. Sometimes we forget to put our personal touches onto the walls of our homes, but with a gallery wall, you can create a stunning display while personalizing the space. Lighting is a must in these spaces, and carefully selected lighting will show that you put thought into the area and make your hallway seem more than just a pathway to the next room. Add small pieces of furniture like benches or console tables to finish your design and as a place to showcase your treasures.

Inspiration awaits in these amazing hall decorating ideas below!

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