23 Simple Half-Wall Tile Bathroom Designs for Maximum Style


Published: February 19, 2024
Updated: December 27, 2023

Expect less from paint colors and instead turn to half-wall tile ideas to enhance your bathroom design. While the perfect shade is important to your bathroom’s appearance, a half wall of tiles can act as a backsplash while offering a textured and elevated look.

Get funky with your designs and experiment with different tile sizes and colors to match your existing pieces. If you are working on a fresh renovation, you may fall in love with a tile style to base the accessories around. Consider marbled or textured styles if you are open to something with a vibrant personality. Half-walls don’t have to include all walls, and you can apply these tiles in selected areas, like around a bathtub, to add a little flair with less commitment. You can use tiles to make a stylish statement or pair them with patterned wallpaper and fun accessories for maximum impact.

Keep scrolling through our half-wall bathroom tile ideas in the gallery below to check out our best selection!

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