9 Grey Kitchen Cabinets with Gold Hardware for Muted Elegance


Published: March 17, 2022
Updated: December 5, 2023

A kitchen with grey cabinets is an already refreshing alternative to the conventional all-white kitchen, but pairing grey kitchen cabinets with gold hardware will elevate your kitchen even more. Before you add cabinet hardware, however, you must first pick which shade of grey you like the most. Light grey kitchen cabinets will give off a contemporary, youthful vibe, while dark grey cabinets are more elegant and timeless. 

Once you have selected your preferred shade, it is a simple matter of finishing the cabinets with brass knobs or pulls in a minimalist design. As an extra piece of advice, we also suggest topping it all off (literally) with a white and grey marble countertop. To see more of this fabulously luxe combo, we’ve pulled together some of the most impressive examples of grey kitchen cabinets with gold hardware.

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