15 Gray Whitewash Brick Fireplace Ideas to Inspire Tranquility


Published: May 27, 2022
Updated: December 5, 2023

It doesn’t take a lot to update a brick fireplace. A gray whitewash brick fireplace is an elegant way to upgrade the look of aged brick without losing its natural, rustic charm. Whitewashing is a technique where a watered-down coat of white paint is used as a finish. Compared to a regular coat of white paint, whitewash allows the texture of your brick fireplace to remain in the spotlight. 

Gray wash is essentially the same technique with light gray paint instead of white. A gray wash brick fireplace offers a softer, more neutral look that may suit homes with warmer tones and more wooden furniture. Those with farmhouse homes will also tend to maintain a weathered appeal with a rustic wash that lets the original brick color peek through. Keep reading to see how others are using a gray brick fireplace in their homes.

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