20 Foyer Light Fixtures to Brighten Your Entryway

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March 7, 2023
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There are a wide variety of foyer light fixtures available to ensure your entryway is always well-lit. Whether you are interested in ceiling lights, foyer pendant lights, or hallway wall sconces, the right foyer lighting is key to making your entrance feel warm and welcoming. A pendant light or chandelier is commonly used right above the entry, while wall lamps are best suited along hallways or above a console table or bench. For extra lighting, you can even consider adding table lamps to your entry table.

To make a bold statement, look for a large eye-catching chandelier or pendant light fixture. Contemporary light fixtures look great in minimalist spaces but don’t be afraid to use a modern light to contrast against rustic farmhouse furnishings. Here are some foyer light fixture ideas to shed some light on how you can brighten up your entrance.

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