21 Farmhouse Bookshelf Décor Ideas That Epitomize Style


Published: February 4, 2024
Updated: December 27, 2023

Stylish farmhouse bookshelf décor can elevate any room, making the space more inviting and, in some cases, more personal. While the days of using bookshelves to organize strictly books may be in the past, you can still give your shelves an extraordinary look that won’t soon be forgotten.

The biggest style tip to remember when decorating bookshelves is to prioritize variety. There is nothing more boring than a shelf full of one item style. Switch it up and display books, vases, pictures, candle sticks, and other small accessories to enhance the look. The farmhouse style can come from the shelves themselves or the items that rest upon them, so consider rustic wood shelves or industrial-style frames when selecting the base for your display.

Let the many examples in our gallery below inspire you to create a stunning arrangement of farmhouse bookshelf décor.

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