34 Welcoming Entryway Table Décor Ideas for Your Home


Published: January 11, 2023
Updated: November 30, 2023

The first thing any guest in your home sees is the entryway table décor. Ideally, when you design this space you try to incorporate the style that’s found throughout the rest of your home to make it all feel cohesive. If your entryway is struggling to hit the mark and needs some updating, it’s usually a really simple fix. As you’ll see in the collection of entryway decor inspiration below, the addition of simple household items like floral vases, natural stems, candles, and a small storage basket or serving bowl can instantly make the space seem more welcoming and cozy to your guests.

If you are searching for ways to update your entryway, or just want to rearrange things and add a little something to freshen up your space, then take a look at our collection of entryway décor ideas below to see if any of these accents would work for you.

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