24 Creative Ways To Incorporate Decorations Around a TV


Published: November 30, 2023
Updated: November 30, 2023

Adding decorations around a TV takes careful planning to avoid creating an environment that is too distracting for an entertainment area. We may be tempted to put our heart and soul into every project, but in some areas, less is more.

The most effective piece to include around your TV is an entertainment console that will add a decorative aspect without stealing all the attention. You can use these pieces to display entertainment-related items or create a more refined and attractive look using décor. The placement of a TV is a decorative choice on its own. Mounting the TV above a fireplace mantel will help create an automatic and possibly unintentional feature wall. For those who love a dramatic look, consider a gallery-wall border or a display of woven baskets around your TV. Dive into our gallery below for some incredible examples of decorations around a TV.

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