27 Inspiring Cottage Bedrooms for a Tranquil Home

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July 12, 2023
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There are many characteristic elements of cottage bedrooms. Cottage-themed décor is centered around patterns like chintz, stripes, and checkers that accentuate plush fabrics, delicately wrought furniture, and intricate wooden pieces. The scope of design is somehow simple and complex all at once, which contributes to the enigma of the aesthetic. Depending on which cottage theme speaks to you, such as a French country cottage, modern contemporary, Bohemian bungalow, or simply traditional, your styling process could go in numerous directions.

At their core, cottage bedrooms and comfortable, inviting, grounded, and charming. They feature neutral colors and delicate patterns with ample light. Let these spaces inspire you to rummage through a flea market, DIY an old piece of furniture, or buy something completely new to create the cottage bedroom of your dreams.

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