25 Creative Corner Bed Ideas Worthy of Being Shown


Published: December 2, 2023
Updated: December 3, 2023

Corner bed ideas can provide a way to display furniture that focuses on functionality and not symmetry. While symmetrical designs can be alluring to those who love organization, a corner bed design leaves more room for movement and helps make the most of useable space.

This furniture placement is especially helpful when decorating a child’s room and leaves plenty of floor space to play. Once the bed is placed in the corner, start adding wall décor. An accent wall is a fun way to bring life to the space, but gallery walls, personalized lettering, or whimsical accents can be equally attractive. A single nightstand may be all you can fit in this newly refreshed area, but because of the furniture arrangement, a table lamp or wall-mounted sconce is enough to provide the corner with plenty of light.

Explore the benefits of asymmetrical furniture placement with corner bed ideas from our gallery below.

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